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The Innovate to Communicate Toolkit are the resources you need for health literacy workforce training. The aim is to educate frontline clinicians and hospital leaders in the knowledge and application of health literacy practices. The toolkit includes: a lesson plan, power point presentation, demonstration videos, role-play scenarios, a Kahoot game, communication observation forms, self-learning modules, and a participant and trainer evaluation.

  • Innovate to Communicate Lesson Plan

    Use this lesson plan for a 90-minute workshop. You can also break up the lesson plan into parts for shorter sessions.

    View Lesson Plan

  • Innovate to Communicate Power Point

    Use the power point to guide you through the Innovate to Communicate Workshop. All aspects of the workshop are embedded within the power point e.g. videos and role play scenarios.

    View Power Point

  • Adult Medicine Review Video

    Participants watch and learn aspects of a medicine review.

    View Video

  • Adult Medicine Review Role Play Scenario

    Participants practice teaching about medicines. They can use their smart phones to bring up the role play scenarios with the QR code embedded in the power point. Or you can click below to present them or print them out ahead of time.

    View Video

  • Pediatric Teach Back Video

    Participants watch and learn how to use simple language, chunk information, and check for comprehension using teach back

    View Video

  • Pediatric Teach Back Role Play Scenario

    Participants practice using simple language, chunking information, and checking for comprehension with teach back

    View Video

  • AHRQ Health Literacy Universal Precautions Communication Tools

    Participants can use these tools during the role play scenarios to introduce quality improvement tools into health literacy initiatives.

    View Observation Form

    View Self-Assessment

  • Innovate to Communicate Kahoot Game

    Use the Kahoot Game to reinforce lessons learned

    View Video

  • Evaluation of Innovate to Communicate

    Please use these evaluation forms at the end of the Innovate to Communicate Workshop. There are two evaluations: 1) trainer evaluation and 2) attendee evaluation

    View Trainer Evaluation

    View Attendee Evaluation